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The Weight of Personal Responsibility: Don’t Blame Chocolate Cake

  While the epidemic of obesity is widely recognized in the United States, the underlying cause remains a source of controversy.  In a special op ed piece in the June 23, 2011, Washington Post, the director of the Nutritional and … Continue reading »

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A Measles Vaccine for Michele Bachmann lack of knowledge, education or awareness (Merriam-Webster) Two headline stories from today’s newspapers appear unrelated but are in fact the same story told from different perspectives. The USA Today dated June 15, 2011, provides a good example. The headline … Continue reading »

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Airbrushing Reality

Extremism in any ideology leads to absurdities, but nowhere is that more true than in religious zealotry.   The latest salvo in the war on reason was erasing Hillary Clinton.   A newspaper popular among the strict sect of Hasidic Jews, … Continue reading »

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